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Dear wonderful, amazing, spirit woman,

Welcome to my soul tribe. You have found yourself here on this page, in this moment, for a very specific reason… The Universe has guided you here, and gave you the impulse to click the link in my menu. 🙂 It’s magical, isn’t it?

Let me tell you a little more about me:

My name is Crystal Fitzgerald, and one year ago, I found myself as an underpaid, undervalued, esthetician, doing Brazilian waxing. I discovered that I was so tired of the day-in-day out of my career that I felt unhappy, and that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to be.

I wasn’t shining.  I wasn’t in my element. I wasn’t serving the greater purpose I was meant to be serving. So, with that, I began getting in touch with the deep magic that lived inside of me, and all of us. I began utilizing meditation and the Law of Attraction to develop a business based in spirituality.

After 5+ years of studying past life regression, meditation, oracle and tarot reading, intuition, and manifesting, I realized that I was put on this earth to help open the eyes and hearts of other women to their own spiritual gifts and higher awareness.

So I made a plan, or well, I began following the true plan of the Universe. I stepped onto my sacred path, and began to change my story. My new story would lead me to help hundreds of women create spiritually-driven lives powered by meditation and manifesting.

One year after I began writing my new story of financial abundance, authenticity, purpose, and joy, I left my day job for good, and no longer felt I had to be a slave to a ‘9-5’ job. I knew innately that the Universe would provide for me, and my dog Daisy.

I want you to do the same: I want you to drop your fears, get in touch with your higher awareness, and let the Universe whisk you away on it’s divine path. You are meant for greatness.

I currently offer the following one on one workshop:

The Spirit Strategy

Discover and begin to live your purpose, and deepen your relationship with your spirituality, with my 4 week mindset and manifesting strategy program. Take away a solid action plan to achieve your new career goals. Build the confidence you need to bust through imposter syndrome and reach the masses with your gifts. You’ll also be able to deepen your own spirituality by falling in love with your intuition, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself, and your business.

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